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As an alumna of foster care, Alexandria knows firsthand about the good, inadequate, ugly, missed opportunities, mistrust, and distrust of the foster care system. Yet, Alexandria was fortunate enough to be mentored and loved by people who helped her find her purpose in life and contributed to her success. As a result, she founded Culture Creations Inc. to assist participants similar to her who have lived and shared foster care experiences.

Alexandria works diligently to change the narrative of negative statistics to positive outcomes for foster care alums. She aims to support and love her fellow foster care alums in taking control of their lives by assisting them with access, opportunities, support, love, and community support. Further, to obtain the resources they need and deserve to reach their highest potential and find their purpose.


With Culture Creations Inc., Alexandria aims to make a positive difference in the lives of foster care alums, youth, and young adults. By transforming narratives and outcomes, she and the organization seek to empower individuals with the knowledge, support, and opportunities necessary for effective, efficient, and sustainable change.

Services: Transformative Presentations and Mentoring: Empowering Foster Youth and Overcoming Trauma

Explore our unique curriculum, co-created by a young person with lived trauma and foster care experiences and a mental health expert. Discover diverse presentations delving beyond foster care, focusing on identity, social impact, and fostering support for youth. Trusted by multiple agencies through research projects, mentoring, and impactful keynotes

Start with a complimentary session to identify your theme, mission, and goals.


School Visits

Corporate Presentations, Keynotes, and Panel Discussions


Galas, Celebration Events, Graduations, and Fundraising Events 

Professional Development and Continuing Education Credit Training and Workshops

Recruiting Events

Media Coverage: Spotlighting Alexandria Ware's Impact on Foster Care and Racial Justice

Discover the media coverage that showcases Alexandria Ware's mission and initiatives related to foster care and racial justice. Explore the featured podcasts, webinars, conferences, and news articles that have amplified our cause, attracting support and partnerships for a brighter future.

Recent Highlights:

The Imprint, February 22, 2022

  • 'Diaries of A Black Girl in Foster Care' Podcast Launches
    • A new podcast series beginning Wednesday, February 23, 2022, will explore the unique issues of Black girls who experience foster care in America. Diaries of A Black Girl in Foster Care (which uses @BlkGrlDiariesFC on social media platforms) will begin with three episodes that address cultural issues, racial disparities, and stereotypes that organizers argue have contributed to poor outcomes for Black girls in America's various foster care systems.

Youth Law Center, June 29, 2022

  • Promoting Racial Justice in Child Welfare: A Virtual Congressional Briefing, Part One
    • In this webinar, presented by the TAY Federal Coalition and hosted by the Youth Law Center, we kick off a virtual congressional briefing series on systemic racism and racial justice in the child welfare system. The series aims to provide Members of Congress and congressional staffers with the information necessary to understand the history and ongoing impact of systemic racism on children, youth, and families. The series will also highlight how current structures and policies affect families every day and the need for solutions, co-designed with those who have experienced and been impacted by the child welfare system.


The Kansas Racial Equity Collaborative, November 30, 2022

  • Courageous Conversation Series: Alexandria Ware
    • We are joined by Alexandria Ware, co-founder and co-host of Diaries of a Black Girl in Foster Care podcast, CEO of Culture Creations Inc., and Arthur Gochman, Child and Family Advocacy Fellow for Children's Rights. 


Children's Rights, December 13, 2022

Children's Rights, May 2023

  • Reclaiming Joy Beyond

    • This Foster Care Awareness Month, we are creating space to focus on the joy and healing of people impacted by the US child welfare system as children. Some of our partners with lived experience share how they reclaim the joy in their lives beyond what they have endured. 


Color of Child Welfare Conference, May 24, 2023

United Nations 2nd Session of the Permanent Forum of People of African Descent, May 31, 2023


KSN News, June 8, 2023


Resilient Voices & Beyond, June 27, 2023

  • Go at it with joy in your heart!

    • On this espisode of Resilient Voices & Beyond we welcome the incredible Alexandria Ware to the mic! 🎉✨Alexandria, the visionary Founder of Culture Creations INC, the dynamic Co-Host of Diaries of Black Girls in Foster Care Podcast, and a remarkable Coach, graces us with her presence. Prepare to be inspired!In this captivating episode, Alexandria takes us on a journey through time, sharing profound moments from her life that shaped her into the unstoppable force she is today.


Stay Tuned:

Keep an eye on this space as we update it regularly with new media features and accolades. Together, we can continue to rewrite narratives and empower individuals and families to build a brighter, more promising future.


For media inquiries and partnership opportunities, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

CCAI Policy Manager 

Alexandria's energy and passion are infectious. Being around her reinforced my passion for policy work on improving outcomes for older foster youth in foster care. Alexandria is a joy to be around; working with her doesn't feel like work. It is as enjoyable as play. Alexandria is a great visionary and dreamer; my advice is to constantly fuel that fire and never stop dreaming big.

Chris Chmielewski

Alexandria has penned articles for my magazine. Alexandria is a passionate advocate. She will give you her all. You will receive her impressive knowledge base. Working with Alexandria Ware means you are working with a passionate professional who knows what is in your best interest.


Alexandria is passionate about her work. She gives her best in whatever she does.

Amy Barnett

Alexandria was our Keynote Speaker for our charity ball at STEP UP Transitional Living Program. She was a very positive, outspoken and transparent speaker.


Alexandria was amazing, powerful voice and should continue to lead these convos.

Download My Media Kit: Learn About Alexandria Ware and Our Impact

Explore Alexandria Ware's work by downloading our comprehensive media kit. Discover valuable insights into our mission, impact, and story. Access approved headshots and bios, perfect for sharing our powerful message with others. Get my approved headshots and bios here.

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